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After a relative calm, thousands of pro-democratic activists returned to the streets a week after achieving a great victory in the elections that were considered as broad support for the movement's objectives.

Hundreds took their children to a march against the use of tear gas.

Unlike the recent demonstrations, the three on Sunday received "letters of no objection," essentially official approval. The first two were peaceful, but the third saw several tense clashes.

The essence: Carrie Lam, executive director of the territory, agreed to establish a committee to investigate the crisis, but the measure failed to address the main demand to establish an independent investigation into the use of force by the police.

Summary: Last Sunday’s elections saw candidates for democracy win 87 percent of the seats in the local district council contests, reflecting widespread discontent with the Beijing government’s stance.

Big picture: The protesters called for an end to the government of the Islamic Republic, revealing amazing levels of frustration with the leaders of Iran and the serious challenges they face, from the US sanctions to the resentment of the neighbors.

When the game was first played in the sixth century in India and the Arab world, the chess queen did not exist.