What Foods Can Diabetics Eat Freely?


What foods can diabetics eat freely? There is a large range of foods that diabetics and persons who have diabetes can eat, but to follow a healthy diabetic diet, they must be sure that the foods are low in carbohydrates. A typical diabetic diet plan will consist of breads, pastas, cereals, rice, potatoes, and vegetables. The diabetic diet is broken up into daily meals, which mean that the diabetic has to learn how to choose foods that he or she will eat every day and how much of each type of food at each meal contains. It is important for diabetics to educate themselves on how many servings of foods that they should have each day to help them keep blood glucose levels constant.

This type of education, however, is not always easy to attain because most diabetics suffer from the disease for different reasons. A diabetic who has diabetes because of the insulin shock caused by a gastric bypass surgery will not need to worry about limiting his or her diet. However, if a diabetic has developed Type I, which is not related to the gastric bypass surgery, then the dietary restrictions will be a bit more complex. This is because the person with Type I diabetes will need to control his or her blood sugar much more than someone with Type II diabetes.

In addition to knowing which foods are low in carbohydrates, the diabetic will also need to learn which foods are high in protein. Protein helps to control blood sugar, so it can be beneficial for people with Type I and Type II diabetes to learn which foods to include more of in their diets. While many vegetables contain more than enough protein, many people with diabetes will want to increase their protein intake. Meat, cheese, poultry, fish, and beans all contain high amounts of protein. Learning how many servings of each food a person can have and incorporating those foods into his or her daily diet will help the diabetic to control his or her blood sugar.