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Whenever your business needs require you to seek a solution on the internet, you must protect the identity and integrity of your business. For you to use dedicated residential proxies, you must have an intermediary IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The association of your proxy IP address to the actual physical address of your business is what makes it a residential proxy. A dedicated proxy is a private proxy restricted to use by one person at a time. You’re correct to conclude that dedicated residential proxies are web scrapers whose IP addresses can be traced back to a device at a specific location.

Understanding dedicated residential proxies

As a result of the registration of your proxy with an Internet Service Provider and not a data center, your browser lets on details about your cookies and browser preferences. With those, other users and webmasters can track your online activities. The real location of your bot is still exposed to the global community because you get logged with your actual IP address.

To grasp the importance of such a proxy to your business, it all starts with your IP address. Your business runs online tasks using a specific residential IP. This is the IP address of the device you use, such as a mobile phone or a computer.

Through that IP address, websites can determine your device’s location, network, and internet provider. Your IP address shows that your browsing activities originate from a person, not a scraping bot.

When you opt to use a dedicated residential proxy, you mask your IP address and get a different IP address. Since you end up using a series of IP addresses for various requests, this proxy can also be called a rotating proxy.

Can your business do without dedicated residential proxies?

You will have a lot going for your business if you manage to hide your IP address. You need to scrape data from different websites. Scraping or web crawling might require you to run several accounts from the same device. Some sites do not allow copping sneakers from the same account or IP address, and they install firewall software to stem that.

That is why you need several accounts to hit the same website more than once. However, considering that you have just one IP address, your dedicated residential proxy provider will supply you with an assortment of proxy IP addresses. You pick and use these addresses in turn to access the same website, and this creates the impression that these are different users visiting the site.

Similarly, if you need to run several social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, you need such proxies. Such platforms do not allow managing more than one account through the same IP.

Since dedicated residential proxies hide your device’s IP address, they guarantee you anonymity. Other users and website owners see the proxy IP instead of your real IP. But since this is a residential proxy, even websites that have an anti-scraping policy will believe that your server is not a bot and allow it to scrape.

Some websites make their content inaccessible to users in some geographical locations. Your IP address is the sellout on geo-restricted sites. Your proxy will give you an IP address from an unblocked country, and you can access the blocked sites.

When engaging in SEO tasks for your company’s marketing campaign, you need to scrape keywords and secretly peruse what the competition is posting online. You will find that such SEO scraping tasks and task bots need integration of bots or proxies to function effectively.

In using this proxy, you enhance your image as a legitimate proxy user. Indeed, not all scraping activities are illegal. If your proxy is on a data center server, other users can access it together with you simultaneously.

In such circumstances, one user could violate scraping laws or engage in cybercrimes while on the shared server. Your business stands liable for such nefarious acts by the other user. Consequently, your business could face a lawsuit or get banned and taint its image. You avoid such liability by using a dedicated residential proxy that does not accommodate other users while you access it.

In the management of your company, this proxy helps you to control the staff since only one user can use the internet at a time. You can also monitor the kind of activities they engage in on the internet.

Consider, however, that due to the exclusivity of accessibility, dedicated residential proxies require a considerable financial investment. Nevertheless, exclusivity offers faster scraping speeds.

Getting dedicated residential proxies

Seeing the benefits of the proxy to your business, you can get them by:

  • Subscribing from a reputable proxy provider
  • Hiring qualified personnel to configure and maintain them for your business
  • Creating your own gateway of dedicated residential IPs

Use residential proxies to take your business research to the next level.