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United States Naval Forces Europe-Africa said Sunday that USS aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) begins flight operations in the Sixth Fleet of the United States to support maritime security operations in international waters, together With our allies and partners.

The deployment of ships and planes of the attack group, commanded by Rear Admiral Andrew J. Loiselle, includes the flagship USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), commanded by Captain Kavon Hakimzadeh; the eight squadrons and the staff of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1, the staff of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 8 and the Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 28.

"We are ready to continue our firm commitment to our allies and partners in the 6th Fleet of the United States," Loiselle said. "These vital sea routes must remain open for global trade and prosperity, and nothing in the world can foster regional security as an aircraft carrier attack group."

The CVW-1 squadrons, commanded by Captain Robert Gentry, embarked on Truman include the Attack Combat Squadron (VFA) 11 "Red Rippers,quot;; VFA-81 "Sunliners;" VFA-136 "War Knights;" VFA-211 "Combat Fighters;" Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 137 "Rooks;" Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 126 "Seahawks;" Helicopter Marine Attack Squadron (HSM) 72 "Proud Warriors;" Squadron Maritime helicopter combat (HSC) 11 "Dragon Killers;" and a detachment of the Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40 "Rawhides,quot;.

The attack group Harry S. Truman operated for the last time in the area of ​​operations of the Sixth Fleet of the USA. UU. In 2018, demonstrating its ability to operate from the Upper North to the Eastern Mediterranean.

In mid-November, the U.S. Navy UU. He announced that the repairs of the Nimitz USS Harry S. Truman class aircraft carrier (CVN 75) are complete and added that all efforts are being made to return the aircraft carrier and the air wing to the sea to perform operations.

In August, the Navy announced an emerging maintenance requirement for an electrical problem aboard Truman, according to a Navy press release.

“The Navy replaced the damaged components and completed the tests to ensure that no more problems arise. An engineering analysis, along with inspections on board several aircraft carriers, show that it was a localized problem and not a concern of the entire class, "says the Navy message." The success of this repair was due to the outstanding efforts of multiple Navy organizations and industry partners that quickly brought their experience and skills to solve this problem. "

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