UI / UX mistakes that are extremely harmful for business websites


This kind of mistakes often come in the form of “button blindness”. This is where the user is not able to recognize buttons because they are hidden on the page. Navigation between pages must be done using the images and labels on the page. A common UI / UX error is to use default colors on websites. Users can’t see any differences in the settings between previous versions or changes to the background and theme. The website appears messy and incomplete if navigation takes place between elements.

A major UI / UX error is failing to test the ability of users to click on elements. Clicking on an element that is not clickable can often result in an accident, which could lead to many consequences. An error message could appear on your screen if the user accidentally clicks on a button that is not clickable. If the user attempts to click an image link, but it is closed out, this can also happen. The image might not be open and the website will not work until the image link is clicked. This kind of UI / UX mistake is quite common and many businesses make it worse by not testing the user’s ability to click on elements.

Another big mistake is using default web pages for websites. Users don’t know the difference between a website homepage and a navigation bar, so they navigate through it all using default web pages. Even if these pages have links, they will not take the user to the section that the user was trying to get to. This kind of UI / UX mistake is also very common on social media sites where users expect the navigation bar to take them to the main profile page or the list of friends. By avoiding this UI / UX mistake, businesses ensure that their website will be more functional and easy to navigate for visitors.

Another mistake that many developers commit is the use of too many buttons on a page. This UI / UX mistake makes it difficult for users to find what they are looking for and prevents them from using the entire webpage. They instead just click on a handful of buttons to locate what they are looking for. To prevent this UI / UX mistake from happening, you should only include essential buttons on the homepage or navigation bar.

Businesses spend a lot on branding and marketing their sites. They often spend a lot of money hiring professionals who can design and promote their business websites for them. These businesses do not need to spend money on expensive software or other promotional materials. To ensure that their websites are as successful as possible, you should spend just as much time on making the website user-friendly as possible.