U.K. Regulator Outlines Plan to Cut Costs for EV-Charging Sites


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By Lisa Pham

(Bloomberg) —

U.K. energy-market regulator Ofgem unveiled measures designed to reduce the costs of building charging facilities for electric vehicles, as it seeks to encourage a switch to cleaner driving. 

Ofgem plans to remove charges for connecting large EV charging stations to the existing local grid if additional capacity is needed. Under the proposal, the costs would be recovered through the charges paid by all users of the distribution system. This would make it cheaper to install new charging stations in locations where they are needed, Ofgem said in a statement.

The U.K. banned the sale of new cars wholly powered by petrol or diesel from 2030, which will require a swift build-out of the charging network. Ofgem in May approved 300 million pounds ($416 million) of network investment, half of which will be used to develop EV infrastructure including rapid charge points. 

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