Tom Brady gives Patriots receivers a chance after the offense is delayed in the first half sick against Texans – Up News Info

The Patriots had a slow start Sunday night against the Texans. Tom Brady tried to get some of his teammates to accelerate the pace by airing them on the bench.

An NBC camera picked up Brady telling his receivers (Phillip Dorsett and Julian Edelman were on the screen) that they were "faster, faster, more explosive,quot; after another empty New England unit in the first half.

The rest of the lip reading is up to you.

Brady finished half with 7 of 19 passes for 82 yards and one interception. Jakobi Meyers was the main catcher with 25 yards. The reigning Super Bowl champions were behind 14-3 at the break.

PATRIOTS VS. TEXANS: live updates, highlights

New England was affected by a disease throughout the team during the week, a situation that required altered travel plans, but obviously that cannot be used as an excuse.

The offensive has been sick against a Texans defense that feels great.