The Best Futuristic Tech of 2020 – Up News Info

2020 has been an excellent year for reflecting on how far technology has come. There have been many advances in gaming, mobile and green technology (to name but a few).

In this article, we’re taking the opportunity to look at some of the more futuristic technology that 2020 has to offer. And comment on how that technology has broken the boundaries expected from our technological devices both now and in the future. From jet-powered surfboards that can travel for up to 16 miles on a single charge to AI (artificial intelligence) devices that can detect a change in your emotions and act accordingly.

2020 has quite a few mind-blowing, spoon-bending gadgets to show off. Read on to get a preview.

Yujet Surfer – Jet-Powered Surfboard

 We know you were interested when you read the lines “jet-powered surfboard,” so this one has to make it onto the list. It is easy for almost anyone to use and perfect if you find your nearby beach lacking in those tubular waves you’re craving. You’ll create your own waves with this surfboard with speeds of up to 25 mph and an engine that requires little to no maintenance besides the occasional charge – hours of fun right under your feet.

The Mclear Ring for Contactless Payment

If the microchip implanted in your arm is a step too far for you, this ring is the perfect accessory to help you avoid that and make payments quickly and easily. Forgot your card at home? No problem, just make sure there is a contactless card reader, tap your ring and you’re good to go with this stylish accessory.

Parcel Guard

You have heard of Ring Doorbell, right? Now they’ve taken your parcel’s safety and security a step further with the new parcel guard technology. The smart box will sit by your door to be used by any courier. If you are not home, they can simply press the call button and connect to your phone, where you can then open the box for them and leave the parcel safe and secure, away from the grabbing hands of opportunists. You can then access your package later using your mobile phone and a code unique to you and your Parcel Guard – perfect for those who love online shopping.

AirSelfie AIR PIX

Take your selfies to an entirely different level with this compact, pocket-sized device that acts as your very own personal photographer when you’re out with friends or family. If you find your hands are full holding the dog or the family is too big to fit onto the screen, then this device is perfect for you. The compact drone has set the bar high for future selfie drones.

Blync VR Bike Controller

2020 has been a year that has forced some of us to stay at home, leaving many craving outdoor adventures. The Blync VR Bike Controller allows you to travel across the world, admiring the beautiful scenery, all from the comfort of your own home. Get fit while riding your bike along the lovely beaches in Mexico or along the winding roads in France with this VR device that immerses you in a virtual cycling experience. Cycling at home has never been this enjoyable.

Mateo Smart Bath Mat

For the health and fitness-obsessed, this smart bath mat is everything you need. With technology that enables you to analyze your body composition, bone mass, and muscle mass, this device is one of the more unique products of 2020. It can also measure your posture and alert you to any changes that have occurred over time – a game-changer in the health and fitness community.

Bosch Sun Visor

 This possibly life-saving invention is a transparent visor that will track the driver’s eyes and block out the sun without obscuring the view. The visor works by using facial-recognition technology to track the face. The technology creates a shadow to block out the sun’s rays and eliminate any glare on the driver’s face. The technology will overrun ordinary visors and help prevent accidents, which can only be a good thing.

Potential Future Technology

The next big thing in technology is predicted to be a nuclear-powered household battery. It’s something that hasn’t been invented yet but which there is definitely a market for. After all, it’s a more environmentally-friendly battery that will last a lifetime. So watch this space.

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been an excellent year for tech as we’ve seen some fantastic inventions on display this year. With the way technology is growing and pushing the bar every day, we can’t wait to see what will make it onto this list in 20 years to come. Will cars finally be able to fly? Will we be using holograms to communicate with each other? Let’s wait and see.