Rosa Parks honored with a statue in Montgomery, Alabama, on the 64th anniversary of her refusal to give up her seat


Today the second annual day of Rosa Parks is celebrated in the city of Montgomery, AL, and the legendary Rosa Parks was honored with her own statue. The holiday recognizes the day she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat and moving to the back of the bus, and on Sunday 64 years since that historic day.

According to CNN, the events took place throughout the weekend, including the dedication of the statue, which took place on Sunday afternoon.

Mayor Steven Reed, who was recently elected as the city's first African-American mayor, said: “Today, on the second official day of Rosa Parks, we honor a seamstress and a maid, whose courage was contrary to her physical stature. He was an accomplished contributor to equality and he did it with a quiet humility that is an example for all of us. ”

Governor Kay Ivey also spoke about the meaning of the statue and said: "No one stood as tall as Rosa Parks when she sat down."

For those of us who are familiar with our black history, we know that on December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested after she refused to give her seat on the city bus to a white passenger. Instead of moving towards the back of the bus as he was told, he stood firm and refused to move.

His refusal would lead to the Montgomery bus boycott, which was organized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and would continue from December 5, 1955 until December 20, 1956.

Rosa Parks's brave actions not only made her a local heroine in Montgomery but throughout the country and made her her Civil Rights icon

Check out the presentation of the statue below:


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