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Planning a Mobile Upgrade? Here's what you Need to Know - Up News Info
Home Technology Planning a Mobile Upgrade? Here’s what you Need to Know

Planning a Mobile Upgrade? Here’s what you Need to Know

by Syera

For the typical user, upgrading a mobile always presents some level of difficulty and stress. Most of us simply aren’t up to date with the latest developments in technology, and so whenever this time rolls around, we’re often left confused and frustrated. Understanding this, we want to take a look at some of the most common ideas and pitfalls that readers should keep in mind when looking to upgrade their digital tech. No matter what generation you live in, keeping this information in mind could save you a lot of stress, and wasted cash.

Screen Size and Quality

One of the most outwardly appreciable features of mobile devices is the screen itself. What many might not understand is that the quality and features of screens vary to an enormous degree, with advanced models costing many times their cheaper cousins, offering advantages that might not be appreciable to the average user.

Primarily, these factors can be separated into maximum resolution and refresh rate. Most mobiles will be able to handle a refresh rate of around 60 Hz, or 60 frames a second, and we would recommend targeting devices with this as standard. Any lower than this, and navigation and video playback can become stuttered and unpleasant. Any more, and the advantages will be inappreciable to most users, though the cost might increase significantly.

For resolution, a good target is around 1080×1920, which is the rough standard on most PC monitors. While some mobiles can hit targets much higher than this, such detail can be lost on the small screens to the point where the advantages are negligible. Also important to factor in is that this is the level that HD video content will stream, and Ultra HD on mobile, again, is hampered by maximum screen size, as well as data transmission rates.

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Home or Professional Use

Depending on whether your mobile is for professional or personal use, the processing power desired or required can vary to an enormous degree. For business phones, most users are content to simply rely on the likes of email, phone calls, and general text communication. In this case, buying the latest model Android or iOS devices is effective overkill, as you’ll be paying for a great deal of power you’ll never use.

For personal use, there is the potential for much more variety. Take, for example, somebody who wants more casual use such as playing mobile gaming apps, or visiting browser sites such as online casinos and the William Hill e-sport betting site, for example. In terms of placing bets on games like League of Legend and CS: GO, and watching them live, a middle-of-the-range phone should accomplish everything perfectly.

On the other hand, somebody who wishes to play online games competitively on the go is going to have to aim for a much more powerful device. In this case, we would recommend checking out benchmarks of the phones you are interested in to be sure before you splurge, but there are still a couple of points that should always be considered.

The first is response-time for the display and touch controls (if you’re playing without a controller). Too much delay here can make a game unwinnable, so the lower the latency the better. For players looking to get in some hours outside, we would also recommend considering 5G connectivity. While not widely adopted yet, 5G will play an important part in low pings and better overall performance, though phones with this tech are more expensive for it. The same can be said for users who expect any larger degree of mobile data bandwidth requirements, in that 5G is an option to seriously consider for futureproofing.

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Needs and Wants

Ultimately, buying a new mobile means examining what you have, what you use, and what you want to do in the future. It can be tempting to go a few models up from our original choices, but mobiles are a world where such upgrades can be utterly useless for many users. That said, it can also be a good idea to ask around your friends and family to see what they use their phones for before you start your upgrade journey. Overlooking something and being stuck with a device for years can be a major pain, so check reviews. and be as thorough as you can.

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