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Week 13 is here, and with less than five weeks remaining in the 2019 regular season, the image of the NFL playoffs is rapidly joining based on the current classification of the AFC and the NFC.

Here is an updated view of what each conference field would look like now, which teams are still in dispute and which teams should already be thinking of the offseason.

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NFL Ranking for Week 13

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AFC playoff photo

Who would be in?

1. Patriots, first place, AFC East (10-1) – The Patriots, whose only defeat this season is against the Ravens, have a slim lead from a game for first place. They also need to keep winning to secure another division title, since they only have two games and have a tiebreaker in the Bills. Until next time: against blue jeans

2. Ravens, first place, AFC North (10-2) – The Ravens are playing as the best AFC team, but they still need to finish at least even with the Patriots to get the best seed and home field advantage in the playoffs. They are about to escape with the division, three games up in the Steelers and four games up in the Browns. Until next time: in accounts

3. Texans, first place, AFC South (7-4) The Texans jumped into the Colts by defeating them last week, and also erased their previous tiebreaker. However, it is not easier in Week 13. Until next time: vs. Patriots

4. Chiefs, first place, AFC West (7-4) The Chiefs said goodbye last week, but have already fallen to No. 4 because they lose the playoff face to face with the Texans, who beat them at Arrowhead Stadium earlier in the season. Until next time: against assailants

5. Bills of law, second place, AFC Este (9-3) – The Bills have a strong control of the position of superior wild card, since they continue taking advantage of a favorable calendar. The big victory in Dallas on Thanksgiving was huge before a tougher calendar for the last month, and they continue to press the Patriots in the division. Until next time: in the crows

6. Steelers, second place, AFC West (7-5) – The Steelers stayed here after taking care of the Browns at home on Sunday to match their season series. They hold the tiebreaker over the Titans due to a better conference record. Until next time: in the cardinals

Who can get there?

7. Titans (7-5); 8. Raiders (6-5); 9. Ponies (6-6); 10. Brown (5-7)

The Titans jumped ahead of the Colts by defeating them in Indianapolis. The Raiders need to beat the Chiefs to keep up with them and the Steelers, who dragged the Browns lower.

Who's dating

11. Chargers (4-7); 12. Jaguars (4-8); 13. Jets (4-8); 14. Broncos (3-8)

The Steelers and the Titans who get seven wins damage all their chances. The Jaguars and Jets suffered bad losses in Week 13, while the Chargers and the Broncos face each other.

Who's out

15. Dolphins (3-9); 16. Bengals (1-11)

The Dolphins were eliminated on Sunday despite their victory over the Eagles. The Bengals cannot do better than five wins, which is not good enough. Now they are bad enough, despite a lonely victory over the Jets on Sunday, to secure the first election in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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NFC playoff photo

Who would be in?

1. 49ers, first place, NFC West (10-2) – The 49ers lost an AFC game against the Ravens on Sunday for their second loss of the season. They could fall from first place and fall to number 5 if the Seahawks beat the Vikings on Monday night. Until next time: in the saints

2. Saints, champions, NFC South (10-2) – The Saints have dealt with their third consecutive division title after eliminating the Falcons on Thursday night. Now they can focus on the business of securing at least one first-round goodbye while looking for the best seed and local field advantage. They already have great victories over the Seahawks and Cowboys, and get their direct chance in the current No. 1 in Week 14. Until next time: vs. 49ers

3. Packers, first place, NFC North (9-3) – The Packers recovered from their loss to the 49ers last week by knocking down the Giants on the road in Week 13. Until next time: vs. Red Skins

4. Cowboys, first place, NFC East (6-6) – The Cowboys only have one game advantage plus the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Eagles after losing to the Bills at home on Thanksgiving. They are fortunate that the Eagles also lost in week 13 to the Dolphins. If the Cowboys endure and win the division again, they are likely to get caught with this seed, fade behind the Saints and Packers and have lost to both teams. Until next time: in the bears

5. Seahawks, second place, NFC West (9-2) – The Seahawks stayed here after week 12 due to the 49ers victory over the Packers last week. They need to keep winning to push the 49ers in the division or keep the top wild card. Guess who they play in week 13. Until next time: Vikings

6. Vikings, second place, NFC North (8-3) – The Vikings stay here after the Packers lost to the 49ers because they don't have the head-to-head tiebreaker. They need to keep winning to push the Packers into the division or jump to the top wild card. Guess who plays in week 13. Until next time: Seahawks

Who can get there?

7. rams (6-5); 8. Bears (6-6); 9. Eagles (5-7); 10. Buccaneers (5-7); 11. Panthers (5-7)

The Rams can return to the wild card race with a victory over the Cardinals. The Bears remained semi hot with a Thanksgiving victory. The Eagles and the Panthers damaged their scarce possibilities with bad losses for bad teams in Week 13.

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12. Cardinals (3-7-1); 14. Redskins (3-9)

The Cardinals would be eliminated with a loss to the Rams. The Redskins remained alive in the NFC East race with a victory over the Panthers and the Eagles and Cowboys losing.

Who's out

13. Lions (3-8-1); 14. Falcons (3-9); 16. Giants (2-0)

The Lions and the Falcons were eliminated with their respective defeats against the Bears and Saints on Thursday.