Netflix to Produce a New Series on the Most Haunted Houses in America – Up News Info

For as long as humankind has existed, we’ve held a morbid fascination with life and death. The mystery of what comes after has intrigued us, with views ranging from the purely cynical to those who believe wholeheartedly in ghosts and ghouls, heaven and hell.

Naturally, these unresolved questions have provided prime content for media outlets. Stories of phantasmal happenings have captured the common imagination for millennia, with every country having its own myth and folklore surrounding the spectral and supernatural.

So it’s little wonder that Netflix’s newest offering is set to center around the spooky and inexplicable. According to some sources, the content creator is currently in the midst of producing a major documentary series on the most haunted houses in America – and viewers can’t wait to see it.

The most haunted houses in America


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For those who have attended psychic readings, it can be hard to explain the mysteries that are so often revealed – tales of lost loved ones; the seemingly unknowable truths spoken to you by a stranger. Indeed, with so much in the world that remains inexplicable, the presence of spectral figures and supernatural happenings seem more plausible than many of us would like to admit.

It is this that Netflix is set to explore in its latest documentary series, which is rumored to feature some of America’s spookiest settings. In fact, the production will have many potential locations to cover, but it’s those that have attracted the most attention that it will be focusing on.

According to sources, these are likely to include 112 Ocean Avenue, the house that inspired the infamous Amityville Horror. Located in New York, the former home of George and Kathy Lutz is said to house many paranormal entities – reputedly due to the mass murder of the previous occupants by, at the time, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Junior – who was also the son and brother of the victims, in November 1974.

A recycled format or something new and novel?

Source: Pixabay

While Netflix have confirmed that they are currently producing a series on the most haunted houses in America, they have remained tightlipped as to what format this is likely to take. This has led some to theorise that the show will follow in the vein of popular programs like Most Haunted, recycling an already well-used format.

However, those in the know have suggested that Netflix are likely to try something new and novel, adopting an original approach. Given the show’s documentary format, it has been speculated that it will focus more on the histories of these houses rather than having a team of paranormal experts camping out in them overnight.

While this has yet to be confirmed, there are two takeaways that we can count on: firstly, that this is likely to be a high-budget and well-executed production due to the $18 billion that Netflix has set aside for creating original content in 2020 and, secondly, that audiences’ appetites have already been whet, and viewing figures will undoubtedly reflect this.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what the streaming giant has in store.