Monk 5E Builds – Wind-And-Fire Wheel and Quarterstaff


    What are the best classes in the Age of Conan? We’ll explore these answers in the next few minutes. First we will look at the Ranger. The Ranger is a very good class; the class can survive in melee combat pretty easily and is great for going into enemy territory to scout out locations and get intelligence on your opponent’s strategies. The Ranger has many different options of weaponry as well, including bows and crossbows. They can also use many different types of traps and ambushes to surprise and kill their opponents.

    The Barbarian is a very important class to take with the 5e Race; this class is very deadly when it comes to melee weapon attacks. Barbarian’s have access to two handed maces, swords, knives, and axes, which give them some serious damage output. They also have access to dual wielding arms, which gives them even more power when it comes to using their weapons. Barbarians can also wear heavy armor and wield various kinds of shields. Finally, Barbarians are quite good at enchanting, because they learn many different buffs, such as fury, anger, haste, and others.

    The Cleric is an interesting class, though not the most powerful. They have access to staves and wands, which give them a bit more versatility than the Ranger. Clerics can cast spells, which is helpful, but not nearly as powerful as wielding weapons in close combat. Unlike other classes who have to use melee weapons during combat, the Cleric can still use magical weapons. A common spell they can learn is Dispel Magic, which removes a variety of status effects from the enemy.

    Wisdom is perhaps the best attribute of a monk can get, making them an excellent choice for a party tank. Strength, Agility, and Constitution also help the monk with their attributes and make them valuable for group support. Monk class features 5e do not have to deal with armor or hit points, so those characters can survive long enough to do some good damage.

    Intellect is probably the best attribute among the monk class, increasing both their defense and damage. Monks are often compared to wizards, and their spell power and wisdom complement the fight better than the fighter’s ability to deal out damage. Monks are capable of wearing light armor, so don’t worry too much about armor pieces. Strength and agility are very important, since the monks rely on both punching and kicking. This also means you’ll want to include strength in your class features. Just keep in mind that you will have trouble dealing with big opponents, so you’ll want to consider spending some points getting hit by bigger, tougher opponents.

    So, what are the best monk weapons? Stunning fist is by far the best monk weapon, since it gives the monk the ability to deal massive amounts of damage in just a few seconds. When you want to deal damage and have the advantage of precision, this is the way to go. Blasting fist is the second best monk weapon, as it makes the monk able to deal more damage and have the chance to cause some bleeding. It’s up to you whether you want to focus more on offense or defense.

    The most important aspect of any class is defense, and this also applies to monks. They can take advantage of the best defenses in the game, which comes from wearing heavy armor, gaining Dodge, and using large numbers of defense attacks. Blocking is one of the most important abilities, since blocking lets you keep yourself from being attacked while you block, and prevents the attacker from doing damage. The only real downside to monks is their vulnerability to fire, although it’s rarely a serious issue, and if you learn how to better block you can be well par times with your opponents without needing a second healer.

    Overall, the monk 5e best leveling build focuses on using the most powerful two monk weapons, the quarterstaff and the wind-and-fire wheel. These items are also excellent for PvP play, and every player should have at least one of them for when they go into PvP. The rest of the items in the set are nice too, but don’t get them until you’re sure that you’ll be leveling quickly enough to justify getting the other items as soon as you start playing your monk in the Battlegrounds or the Arena. Just make sure to learn the proper combos for your weapons, and you’ll be doing fine.