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Kylie Jenner is on a mom trip in the Bahamas with Stormi and Stassie


Kylie Jenner is on a mom trip in the Bahamas with Stormi and Stassie and seems to be having the best time of her life. On Friday, Kylie shared photos of her and Stormi as they strolled the white sands and headed to the water's edge. He did not geographically label his photos, so his location remained a mystery, although it was clear that it was a tropical place. It is now reported that Kylie is really in the Bahamas, living with girlfriends, including Anastasia "Stassie,quot; Karanikolaou and her two-year-old daughter Stormi. Kylie shared photos and videos of her trip to the Bahamas on her official Instagram account, where she has 164 million followers on Instagram.

Kylie made headlines earlier on Saturday after confirming her intermittent relationship with Travis Scott by sharing photos of the couple when she was pregnant with Stormi. Kylie and Travis have spent a lot of time together and with their little girl and their fans suspected they had met. Although they were together again, she had plenty of time to celebrate with her friends and make her girl spend time.

You can watch videos and photos of Kylie's mom's trip below.

Kylie rocked a two-piece black swimsuit and showed her famous curves. He also wore a pair of Celine square acetate sunglasses in Dark Havana / Green that sold for approximately $ 550. Kylie used the sunglasses in multiple photos and videos.

Kylie also shared several photos of her and Stassie sunbathing by the pool. It seems that Kylie needed some time to relax and rest. You can see the photos she shared with her and Stassie in the photo slideshow below.

Kylie fans are delighted that she returns with Travis Scott and that Stormi's family unit is back intact. Kylie and Travis announced that they would separate in October 2019. Although rumors surrounded Travis having cheated on Kylie, they were never confirmed.

Whatever the cause of their separation, it seems that the two are working on it and giving their love another chance. Many people suspected that the two had been together again since Kylie appeared on Travis Scott's Astro World tour and reportedly called her "wife,quot; from the stage.


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