Keylogging Software: Why You May Need It – Up News Info

Would you like to see all keystrokes on a particular computer? This sounds like a description of a hacking tool. In reality, such programs have perfectly lawful uses. Moreover, you may find them highly useful.

Keyloggers (aka keyboard recorders) allow you to see everything typed on a particular keyboard. They can avert data leaks, and protect kids against traumatizing content. In many cases, a reliable keyboard recorder is used by law-abiding citizens. Here is what it does.

Range of Functions

As keyloggers run in the background, they remain undetected. The range of data collected by these programs is impressive. They record all keystrokes on both the keyboard and mouse. Each action is stored with its date and time. This information is included in reports, which can be daily, weekly, etc., based on your preferences. This software can keep track of the following:

  • keystrokes,
  • visited URLs, and
  • internet activity.

A keylogging utility may also be programmed to take periodic screenshots. These will show you what programs are open, so you always know what is going on. All reports are sent to the email address specified in the settings. Importantly, the only person with access to the program is the user who installed it. Other benefits include a user-friendly interface and smart filtering options.

Keylogger records can serve as reminders, as they include everything you typed recently. Thus, users have an emergency backup of all their typed texts. These are generated automatically.

Useful for Parents

It is impossible to control every aspect of your kid’s online activity. Still, precautions must be taken. In this regard, keylogging is a vital tool for parental supervision. Kids may explore the darkest corners of the internet out of curiosity, encountering content related to drugs, gambling, self-harm, etc. Contact with online predators is another vital concern.

Using keyloggers, parents can monitor their children’s activity. Data collected by the software may prevent serious consequences. This is a legal way to monitor kids’ computer use discreetly, without annoying them.

Useful for Employers

Keyloggers come in handy in the professional world, too. Data theft is a major issue for many corporations. Unauthorized use of information may have far-reaching consequences. Using keyloggers, companies monitor the activity of staff on their computers. This helps to prevent data leaks, or uncover their source easily.

Luckily, companies are now armed with efficient prevention tools. The software allows control of correspondence and working time. Additionally, companies can identify employees who abuse social media during their working hours. Keyboard tracer software notifies security staff whenever someone tries to guess a password, and they detect computer use after business hours.

Benefits of Keyboard Tracers

The software is a powerful tracing tool. Ensuring complete invisibility, it allows parents, spouses, and employers to monitor computer activity. Keystrokes in all apps, from both the keyboard and the mouse, are recorded for future reference, and suspicious activity is detected. Used for data theft prevention and parental control, these programs also work as useful reminders.