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Kate Fan Reactions


Mary Elizabeth Winstead is here to kick some ass.

One thing fans can’t stop talking about? Mary Elizabeth Winstead, of course. With her kick-ass performance, it’s no wonder why she stole the show.

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Need more of a reason to watch? We’ve rounded up the best fan reactions to Kate so far. Check them out below:


Ok. #KateNetflix is SPECTACULAR. Loved it a lot. And the fight sequence with Miyavi was EVERYTHING. Also, I’d like to be Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s BFF. Or, I dunno, wife? I’m not picky.

Netflix / Twitter: @LizUK


Mary Elizabeth Winstead kicks so much ass in KATE that just came out on Netflix!! If you loved her in Birds of Prey, you will love this. A John Wick + Crank style action movie with amazing fight choreography and well shot action sequences. What a surprise, holy shit.

Netflix / Twitter: @StarlordSweeny


My review of Kate: Action-packed film that at the same time is emotional for its plot, with its own essence and style, I liked it, not a bad one as some ignorant “experts” said, and above all, Mary Elizabeth Winstead I love you, never stop acting please, we need you.

Netflix / Twitter: @mewinsthegoat

What’s did you think of Kate? Share your review with us in the comments!

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