Iconic Celebrity Feuds That Stand The Test Of Time


But in November, Lindsay was caught on camera calling Paris the c-word. When asked to clarify her comments, she inadvertently spawned a hilarious meme featuring her immediate retraction: “I never said that. I love Paris. Paris is my friend.” A week later, she also alleged that Paris hit her. However, a day later, the “Holy Trinity” assembled, much to the surprise of fans who knew of Paris and Lindsay’s public feud.

After a brief moment of tension once again in May 2007 — when Paris failed to acknowledge Lindsay’s rehab admission in an interview, claiming she didn’t “have any friends” there — things cooled down for a while. In 2011, there was another heated moment, when Paris made a joke at Lindsay’s expense, saying on her reality show, after a homeless woman she gave earrings to mistook her for the actor, that if she were Lindsay, she would be “stealing the earrings, not giving them away.” Unfortunately, at the time, Lindsay had just been sentenced to four months in jail for stealing a necklace. After an apology accepted by Lindsay, things seemed swell.

But two years later, in a serious turn, Paris’s younger brother Barron was attacked in Miami. At first he accused Lindsay of orchestrating the altercation and egging it on, though his attacker was later identified as author Ray LeMoine and charges were dropped after he became uncooperative with the investigation.

Things were quiet once again, but then came this 2018 interview with MTV Australia. Remember the car photo? (Who am I kidding — who can ever forget?) Well, the interview clip features Paris not so subtly shading Lindsay, claiming that it was a girls’ night out for her and Britney and that Lindsay “wasn’t invited” and “chased us to the car” to get in. When the interviewer added a comment about Lindsay living her best life on the Greek island of Mykonos, Paris sarcastically responded, “Yeah…sure.” She later stood by her claims on Andy Cohen’s radio show.