How To Shop For Printers, copiers and Fax Machines


As an imprinting and copier machine manufacturer, HP offers several printer copiers and fax machines of top-notch performance. Some of the printers they offer are the Compaq, Brother, Xerox, Canon, Brother printers and the HP Colorjet printers. HP also offers fax machines such as the HP ColorJet 3500 series. For copier and fax users who need a combination of functions, the HP ColorJet 5000 series is the best. Here are some of the latest models of printers and copiers from HP that are available for sale:

printers copiers and fax machines

-HP ColorJet 4500 series. This machine offers two-track and three-track scanning options. It has an integrated duplexer with built-in inter-mix printing. It has speeds up to 600 sheets per minute, and has a one-page margin and full page scan. It features an auto-return process and can store eight documents on two card readers. Other features include a dust-proof keypad, safety sensor, card tray, automatic page locking, document management capacity of 4 folders, card fast retrieval, and a thermal-resistant exterior.

-HP ColorJet 5550 series. This copier and fax machines from HP have upgraded scanning options. The most advanced in photo quality, it scans four pages simultaneously and can process two-page documents. It is equipped with four speeds and has a complete loading mechanism.

-HP ColorJet 5560 series. A newer generation of printers from HP, this series of copiers and fax machines has an improved black and white detection process. It also has higher scan speeds and a new generation of in-frame scanning. This copier has a complete package of photo quality printers and faxes.

-HP ColorJet 5abo. This copier has all the qualities and features that are present in full-sized printers. However, it is only available as a compact model. It has an improved resolution, higher scan rates, faster data transfer rates, and has a variety of features including duplexes, card readers, and thermal printers.

Laser copiers and fax machines came in a wide range of makes and models. There are several types of laser copiers for different purposes. Some printers are classified according to the number of pages that they can print. For instance, there are copiers that can print 400 pages per hour or more. Other classification is according to the type of material that these printers can handle. For example, ink jet printers are best suitable to print photos, while thermal printers are good for thermal sheets.

When shopping for printers copiers and fax machines, you need to look at their performance. You will need to take note of the speed, the capacity of the copier, the number of pages that it can handle, the build of the machine, the operating system on it, the warranty on it, the additional accessories that come with it, the functionality of the printer, and the price. You also need to check if the copier and fax machine have wireless functions. Wireless printers allow you to connect your machine to the Internet, which enables you to send documents and fax online. If you get one with wireless capabilities, you will be able to transfer the documents and faxes from one computer to another without the need of using a fax line.

In addition, you must also consider the availability of software for your copiers and fax machines. Copiers and fax machines can be connected to the same computer or laptop, but in this case, the software must be specifically designed for the machines in order to make them work more smoothly. Some printers offer a complete set of software. Others only come with specific software. Before buying, you should check if these are included in the package or if you will have to buy them separately.