How to Fix the Android Home Button Not Working?


When the Android home screen does not turn on, it could be a number of things. There are some which are hardware related while others could be software related. The reason behind is not the same for all. Some android home button not working android problem are either due to software glitch or else they may be some other hardware damage.

This problem is quite irritating as the home button acts as the main user interface. If you are the one using this device then you definitely would want to fix this problem as soon as possible. If you have got this problem then you can follow the below mentioned steps. Let us have a look.

The first step that you need to do is to look out for the symptoms that are associated with this problem. It could either be a random reboot, software errors, power button to reboot or even a sudden shutdown. It is very important that you know exactly what has gone wrong with your device. You can get a detailed report from android official support and fix the problem. In the mean time, here are the things that you can do to force restart your android devices.

The second step that you can follow to fix this problem is to go into the ‘Settings’ section of your android devices. You need to find the ‘soporific settings’ and click on it. This will open the the’factory reset’ option. This factory reset will erase all the changes that you had made in your device like the themes, apps, contacts and so on. It will also remove the installed applications from your device.

The third step that you can follow to fix this problem is to use the uninstall feature of your device. You can easily uninstall any application that is not properly supported by the manufacturer. If you find that none of the applications installed on your device is properly supported by the manufacturer, you can use the ‘Uninstall’ option on your navigation bar and click on the list of applications that are uninstalled. After selecting them, you need to press on the ‘Install’ button and you should follow the same procedure to install them again.

The fourth and the last step that you can follow to fix this problem is to use the device recovery application to recover your selected apps. The device recovery software is specially designed to recover data and fix the problems related to your selected apps. You can download this application from the android devices store and install it on your device. Once you start using this application, it will scan your device and it will display all the files and folders that are related to the selected apps. After downloading and installing the device repair software on your device, you need to restart your device and then let it repair all the files and folders.

Following the above mentioned procedure will help you fix the problem but the last one is to use a root checker app to fix the root of the problem. The root checker app will display all the files and folders of your system and it will fix the errors related to the missing files or folders in your system. Once it is done, you need to uninstall the ‘ui’ component from your device and then re-install it. This will fix your problem and will make your device fully functional again.

Fixing the issue can be done with the help of certain simple steps and it is quite simple to fix any problem of your android device. You just need to follow the steps given below and you should get your home button working once again. First of all, you should turn off your device using the power button and then you should connect the white part of the dock connector to the back of your device via the USB cable.