How the internet has changed the way we entertain ourselves


    Over the last decade, the internet has evolved a lot, from 2G to 4G, and now we are heading towards the 5G internet. It has helped us to get closer to the world and stay connected no matter what’s the distance, time, and language.

    The Internet helps us to communicate, share information, and also a source of entertainment, which is undeniably true. With the internet’s help, the way we entertain ourselves has also changed; streaming apps replaced CDs & DVDs; outdoor games can now be played online, live streaming of sports events, and more.

    In this article, we will be looking at the changes in the entertainment industry with the help of the internet.

    1. Gaming

    The first highly noticeable change is gaming; we can notice how offline games such as football, rugby, baseball, and other games can be played online. PS4, Xbox, and other gaming devices have made it possible to play games with friends who is sitting in another corner of this world via the internet. Sometime back when the internet was not much developed, playing games online was quite difficult, and playing with friends was only possible when they are physically present at the gaming spot.

    1. Casinos

    Casinos are a classical way of entertainment where players gather and show off their casino skills. Over time, casinos have also shifted on the internet. They have seen a tremendous amount of growth in the revenue; according to surveys and statistics, the online casino market will touch $102 billion dollars by 2025.

    Online casinos are worth it for those who don’t enjoy visiting a brick and mortar casino or don’t have any casinos in the locals, moreover, players can play games like blackjack, roulette, poker and various other slot games in online casinos. If you have no experience with online casinos, these casino tricks will help you out to get started.

    1. Tv & Movies

    Over the last few years, content consumption has been increased a lot. People thrive for new content that is easily available at the touch of their fingertips. This was made possible by OTT services such as Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu which caters content for all types of viewers.

    Some of the channels have started their own OTT services where they telecast shows for which they own the copyrights. Zee, HBO, Disney have their own OTT application where they have made all of their shows available in one place.

    Viewers can opt-in for a subscription plan and watch the shows on their smart tvs, android, iOS, or Windows devices. Moreover, these apps also allow offline streaming by providing a download option.

    1. Music

    Remember purchasing a CD for every new song by your favorite musical artist? Well, that’s certainly a classical way of listening to music. With the help of internet, it has become possible to stream music online and download it digitally. Some of the famous music streaming platforms such as Spotify. YouTube music and apple music has seen a huge rise in the number of premium users.

    Furthermore, CDs often get physically damaged while a digitally purchased music remains with you as long as you remember the password of your account through which you made a purchase.

    1. Communication and social lifestyle

    Back in old days, it was difficult to communicate in real-time. Calls were expensive and there were not social media sites. With the help of the internet, communication has been made possible and easier than before.

    Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit has seen significant growth in the number of users. People connect with each other around the world with the help of their phones via texts, videos, and audio calls.

    Moreover, these social media sites also provide interactive games that can be directly played within the app with friends. The best part about using social media is that we don’t have to pay anything to use them, while you need to spend money to post a letter, sending a text message, voice message on social media is completely free.

    Wrapping Up

    The Internet has helped many sectors to upgrade over time, be it the education sector, healthcare sector, and entertainment sector too. It is a backbone to the modern inventions and is helping inventors and technology experts to make the best use of it.

    In this article, we have discussed how internet has helped in upgrading the entertainment industry. We have thoroughly analyzed some of the core sectors of entertainment and shed light on how they have been improvised with the help of the internet.