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Here’s How Much Influencers Should Charge Per Post


“If a brand ghosts an influencer/creator after they give their rates, it exhibits a lack of strategy on the brand’s end. It’s clear they didn’t adequately set a budget that was suitable for the creators they wanted to work with. It’s clear they’re still undervaluing creators.

When you’re on the brand side, it starts in the strategy stage. We’re strategizing with the brand to determine how much budget they have to work with, and what type of creators they want to work with to help them reach their campaign goals. Once we know the answer to those questions, we think about what influencers are charging these days, and act accordingly. There’s no reason for me to have a $5K budget, and I reach out to an influencer with 100K followers. I know straight away that I can’t afford them. So, it’s my job to go back to my brand client and say, ‘With this budget, and these goals we have set, we can afford a creator with X amount of followers, reach, ER. etc. for these deliverables.’

So, it’s not ONLY on the influencers to know how to charge and negotiate, but it’s on the brands to educate themselves on it as well. I find it very unprofessional to not respond. If they don’t have the budget, be upfront about it. As a brand manager, campaign manager, or whatever, you can’t act like the influencer isn’t important enough for a response. The same influencers that you need for your campaign to be successful? Treat them like the creative professionals they are and give them the respect they deserve – period.

My advice for influencers is to charge accordingly, and have discernment over which brands are worth working with and are willing to pay you for the work you’re doing.”