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Health Insurance with Maternity Cover – Coverage and Benefits


Laying eyes on your newborn bundle of joy is a feeling that can’t be expressed in words. However, the journey from conceiving a baby to delivering it is nothing short of a roller coaster. Women experience all sorts of discomforts during pregnancy and require utmost care and suitable medical attention. Having said this, the ever-increasing costs of medical treatment and hospitalization often prevent mommies-to-be from receiving the best medical help.

This is why health insurances with maternity covers have become immensely popular. Not only do these plans help ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy, but they also provide adequate cover to provide appropriate health care to the newborn.

Here’s everything you should know about health insurance with maternity cover and how it can help soon-to-be-mothers and newborn babies.

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What’s the Best Time to Get Health Insurance with Maternity Cover?

Health insurance with maternity cover comes with a pre-decided waiting period. This is why you must opt for it when you’re planning to start a family. It’s always a good idea to have ample time in advance to make sure you’re prepared to welcome your baby without any stress or hassle.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • To make sure you’re choosing the right health insurance with maternity cover, here are a few things that you can keep in mind.
  • Go for a health insurance plan that offers adequate financial security against various medical expenses and not just hospitalization.
  • Look for premium discounts that you can avail.
  • Check out the cashless network of hospitals and make sure your nearby hospitals fall in the panel.
  • Go through the policy documents carefully to speed on inclusions, exclusions, and other details.
  • Make sure your policy offers newborn baby cover.
  • Find out the procedures to apply for health insurance with maternity cover.

Benefits of Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

  • Cashless Admission – One of the most lucrative benefits of health insurance with maternity cover is that it provides cashless admission and hospitalization. This makes the entire process incredibly seamless and helps you avoid wasting time in critical situations.
  • Day Care Treatment – Some procedures do not require hospitalization and can be completed in daycare. Health insurance with maternity cover also offers coverage for these treatments.
  • Best Health Care Facilities – Health insurance with maternity covers offers coverage on advanced technology treatments, allowing you to get access to the best health care facilities.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization – Needless to say, there are innumerable pre and post hospitalization charges that we need to take care of during pregnancy. Health insurance with maternity covers offers coverage on these charges as well.
  • Newborn Baby Cover – Once the baby is born, they can enjoy health coverage for upto 90 days under health insurance with maternity covers.

Health insurance with maternity care is a blessing for any expectant mother as it helps keep them and their baby safe. With such an insurance policy, you can make sure that you will get adequate medical help whenever you need it and your wellbeing and that of your newborn baby are never at risk.

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