Hair Nutrition Facts

Dietary supplements for healthy and beautiful hair are must-have.  Because who doesn’t want soft strands with renewed vigour and strength, without frizz?
As a result of this, the fibre is protected when hair is malnourished and brittle; dull and dull; misaligned and unbalanced; frizzy, porous, and unruly. Another important factor is to keep the hairline moisturised more effectively.
After the procedure, the results are immediately apparent. More intense than hydration, but less profound than rebuilding, this treatment not only helps maintain hydration, but also repairs the foremost superficial damage to the strand while providing “food” in order that the hair is healthy and dazzling.

The Advantages of Hair Nutrition

Smooth and glossy hair: capillary nutrition strengthens the protective barrier formed by the natural oil produced on the scalp, forming a film on the strands that leaves a silky touch, facilitates detangling, and improves radiance.

Less frizz and more volume: thanks to this protective film, the cuticles that cover the strands are aligned and sealed, preventing the formation of that dreadful pilomotor reflex, which results in an undisciplined and voluminous look.

Long-lasting hydration: the natural water in the hair is found inside the strands, in a region known as the capillary cortex. The cuticles act as a barrier, preventing bacteria from entering the skin. All of this hydration is lost when the cuticles are not sealed.

There will be no more dry split ends because the lipids in hair nutrition are high in fatty acids, which are an important source of antioxidants for the hair. Antioxidants protect the hair fibre from all aggressors that cause it to weaken, including split ends.