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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton love living under the same roof after moving together: is their wedding planning?


Since they look like the perfect match, people still eagerly wait to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani already married! However, as it seems, they are still in no hurry to choose a date.

That said, they moved together not too long ago and an internal report says they are really happy with their current living arrangements.

It seems they already feel like a family and do not need a marriage license for that to be the case.

The source shared through HollywoodLife that "they are very happy with the current state of the relationship and none feel the need to get married soon, however, no one would be surprised if they got engaged." The house was a great commitment for both of us and they are very, very happy to live there. Gwen loves to cook and loves to organize dinner there. "

Blake and Gwen have been romantically involved since 2015 after meeting in The Voice.

Their fated destiny came after both had divorced their partners at that time!

While the two singers still do not share children, the source also explained that "Blake,quot; assumed the role of a second father figure for Gwen's children and they really respect him. He is very helpful with everything for children, especially now that they are under the same roof. It was a great but good step for them. Living together makes it easier for them as a couple, since they are always together anyway. "


All in all, it seems that Blake and Gwen are very happy to live together under the same roof and at this point, a wedding is not the top priority.

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