Eagles of & # 39; long shot & # 39; still in the image of the NFL playoffs, even if Doug Pederson doesn't seem convinced


The Eagles lost to a Dolphins team with two wins on Sunday when they had the opportunity to tie the Cowboys for the NFC East lead.

After the game, Bird coach Doug Pederson did not seem to immediately understand that his team somehow controlled his destiny.

"As crazy as it may be, I would say it is a remote possibility, but we are not out of place," he told reporters.

NFL PLAYBACK IMAGE: AFC classification, NFC for week 13

It is not such a long shot. To elaborate: The eagles are 5-7. The Cowboys are 6-6. That is a difference from a game with four weeks to play, and there is a face-to-face showdown in Philadelphia in Week 16.

Sorry coach, please continue:

"We have four of our division opponents to come," he said, perhaps trying to convince himself to believe.

Yes, let's talk about that division. It is the very bad NFC East, which is being retained by the Redskins and the Giants, which have a combination of 5-19. The Eagles play against the Giants twice and the Redskins once in addition to the Cowboys in the last quarter of the season. A 4-0 final leads the Eagles to 9-7 overall and 5-1 in the division (and a division in the season series with Dallas). Assuming the Cowboys also finish 9-7 / 5-1, the next tiebreaker would be a common opponent.

Here the advantage goes for the eagles. Philadelphia would be 8-4 against common enemies at 7-5 in the Cowboys.

All math aside, playing against the Giants and the Redskins is the easiest way a desperate team can have to get to the playoffs. Of course, a trip to Miami Gardens was also considered easy, but still.

And if the Birds CANNOT run the table with that board, then Pederson should be in danger of being fired. One way he could leave the premises: on foot, which is how a group of fans wanted the team to return from South Florida on Sunday. The group went so far as to make a request. . . someone to force the birds to make a lonnnng Shame ride home.

Many eagles should feel shame if they stumble at some point in the next four weeks.