Cybersickness Is A Real Thing, And It’s Not Going Anywhere


BuzzFeed Daily: These symptoms seem pretty basic and benign on paper. I mean, still not great. Do we know any lingering or long-term effects that this might have?

AJ: Yeah. So this really kind of depends on the individual and what type of device you’re using. You’re going to maybe have some headaches that go on, definitely eye strain. Something that happens to me, and you might experience this also, is after you’ve had a day where you’ve been really focused on the computer, maybe been really working on a document, things like that, even when you step away from that computer, your eyes hurt, it’s hard to focus on another screen, and your day is kind of shot. So we do see some of these symptoms that linger on and can really affect you and how you feel for the rest of the day. Now, if we’re talking about other types of devices, sometimes those symptoms can last longer. But it is definitely going to impact people who are just a little bit more susceptible to that screen fatigue and are not taking the steps to protect themselves.