Ashanti talks about Nelly, and the money she owed in a new interview: she finally confirms that she is dating


Andy Cohen was not easy with Ashanti despite the fact that he has a broken foot. The singer and actress appeared in Watch what happens live where they asked him some personal questions about his ex-boyfriends, including Nelly.

The couple was lovebirds for about ten years and separated in 2014. Cohen wanted to know if Nelly ever paid her the $ 500,000 she owed her after her separation. Ashanti said: "He didn't owe me money!"

When asked if they were friends, he replied: "Um, you know what, I honestly haven't seen him since we broke up, which is crazy."

A fan asked Ashanti to share her thoughts about Irv Gotti talking about her supposed romance during a recent appearance in The Wendy Williams show.

Gotti said about a month ago: "Let me tell you what is really happening, and there are many misconceptions. Can I talk about this with women and I will answer you, Wendy? Why? If a man and a woman are married and they separate, and they are totally separated … When Deb and I separated, she caught me cheating. "

He added: “Ashanti is not a destroyer of houses, boys. Ashanti had nothing to do with me and Deb. Deb caught me when I was running "I Cry,quot; in Baltimore. Deb, being the vicious person he is, went down without warning: "I am Mrs. Lorenzo, give me the room key." The door was closed, but she knows that I am there. That's what separated Deb and me. "

Ashanti decided to swing: "I feel like I have a single called,quot; Pretty Little Thing "with Afro B. It's very hot. I'm on two tours this year: one in the United States, another in the UK film that will be released this Saturday, and I'm very excited ".

Someone else asked the singer if she will participate in her Murder Inc. world tour with Gotti and she said: “I have two tours to come. One of them abroad in the United Kingdom and another in the United States, so it will be a full year so far. "

Ashanti said this about her boyfriend: "It's complicated. It's a situation. But you know, I'm not so alone. I'll say that. Make a phone call and make him jump!"


Ashanti knows how to handle an interview.

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