5 Must-Have Applications For High-School Students – Up News Info

High-school is a time where students get introduced to extra responsibilities. Before high-school, they might have had dad or mom’s help to complete their assignments. But when they start high-school, they have to come up with their own ideas and creative works. They have to complete their projects on their own. Most students complain that they are not good at organizing things, and also they fail to perform well. Luckily to help such students and all other different applications are available that can help them to take better notes, complete their projects before deadlines, and many more. We have gathered the top five applications that you should install.

1.      Office Lens

This is a fantastic tool from Microsoft that takes images of a whiteboard, documents, blackboards, receipts, magazines, books, and many more. Moreover, this app can convert these pictures into shareable and editable text. Office Lens also lets students take photos at any angle. The additional feature of this app is it clean up shadows and glare either. One can save images as Word, PDFs, or PowerPoint files.

2.      EasyBib

Essay writing is something that is not a fun and exciting task for students. They always complain about essay writing, but the worst part of this task is to fill out a bibliography. One comma mistake or a wrongly italicized phrase, and you lose your marks. As a student, you understand well how much referencing is a tedious and time-consuming task; this is where Easybib helps students to get their work done without extra effort. All you have to do is search for a website, journal, or book that you are using, and EasyBib will enter the bibliography for you.

3.      SodaPDF

Since you are a high-school student, you know well you are short on time. You have to work on your assignments, projects, quizzes, and presentations. And you always need to share your files and documents with others. This is where sodapdf is game-changer and helpful for students from sharing projects to taking notes. They can combine their files simply with few clicks to make a document and arrange files. It allows students to merge every file into one application.

4.      Evernote

Once your study schedule is finalized, what is next? Student notes, of course. This one thing is equally important for all students. And students almost revolve around notes. They need class notes to make assignments and revise for exams. In short, notes are a crucial part of your life when you are a college student. And when it comes to taking help from study tools or applications, Evernote is the best one that allows you to keep your notes organized. This application also makes your notes more helpful with links, audio recordings, attachments, and checklists.

5.      Grammarly

Writing is a tough job for most students, and one cannot pass out college with good grades without completing writing projects. Most students start college without good writing skills, and this is where they look for help. Grammarly is a great helpful tool that allows you to remove all mistakes in your written content. This tool suggests unique words to decorate your content. Also, it removes all flaws and errors, including grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, sentence structure, and many others.