24 First Tweets By Celebs

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TBT when we only had 140 characters to say what we needed to say.

Here are first tweets from your favorite celebs:


My love language is Lady Gaga calling me a “filthy, fabulous, dirty rich, fame lover” in less than 140 characters.

Hello my filthy , fabulous, dirty rich, fame lovers. I’m in Miami right now, just had a crazy week/ day preparing for winter music confe …

Twitter: @ladygaga


The hold Britney Spears had on me that I had no idea what a “Womanizer” was, yet I was still belting this song out.

Twitter: @britneyspears


It honestly makes me feel better that even Kim K needs motivation sometimes to go to the gym.

I sooo badly wanted 2 go 2 the gym this morning but couldn’t get up! I need motivation people! I am going this afternoon for sure!!!

Twitter: @KimKardashian


When you finally convince Jimmy Brooks to get on Twitter.

Twitter: @Drake


No Oprah, thank YOU for blessing us with your presence in the Twitterverse.

Twitter: @Oprah


Did Diddy ever holla at you DJ Khaled?

this dj khaled twitter be ready for me im going take yall on journey wit me the life of me its going to be a movie!!! diddy holla at me !

Twitter: @djkhaled


Ah yes, Rated R. What an iconic album. Totally wish there was a new one coming out…

Twitter: @rihanna


It seems like it was just yesterday when Zendaya graced our TV screens on Shake It Up.

Twitter: @Zendaya

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