Selena Gomez Calls Out Facebook For COVID Misinformation


“So why do they still refuse to act?”

Selena Gomez is the real MVP. She just updated us all on her efforts to fight the spread of COVID disinformation online.

Selena’s been fighting the good fight since at least December, when she tweeted at Facebook saying “scientific disinformation will cost lives,” and encouraged them to take action against the lies that are being spread on their platform.

Scientific disinformation has and will cost lives. @Facebook said they don’t allow lies about COVID and vaccines to be spread on their platforms. So how come all of this is still happening? Facebook is going to be responsible for thousands of deaths if they don’t take action now!

@selenagomez / Via Twitter: @selenagomez

And then in January, just after the attack on the Capitol, she called out Facebook again, specifically mentioning Mark Zuckerberg and other leaders by name, for allowing terrorist groups to band together on Facebook.

. @Facebook, @Instagram, @Twitter, @Google, Mark Zuckerberg, @SherylSandberg, @jack, @Sundarpichai, @SusanWojcicki

Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Well now, she’s taken it one step further by pressuring Facebook specifically to step up and “take action.”

In December I asked @Facebook and @Instagram to take action on lies about COVID and vaccines

Via Twitter: @selenagomez

Selena’s done her part. Facebook — you have 24 hours to respond.

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