Savannah Smith Confirms Gossip Girl Character Is Lesbian


“Monet is a very complex character.”

We can finally put those rumors to rest about Savannah Smith’s Gossip Girl’s character, Monet de Haan.

Earlier today, the actor took to Twitter and confirmed that her character is a lesbian.

She wrote, “So yea, she’s into girls,” and added, “And only girls.”

@ssavannahsmith / Via Twitter: @ssavannahsmith

So Smith gave some insight into her character’s personality during a previous interview with Essence.

“She’s evil! She’s cutthroat. She’s the maker of all drama, and she makes people cry,” Smith explained about Monet. “I definitely thought about the angry Black girl trope, but it’s just not there.”

“Monet is a very complex character,” she continued. “In the first few episodes, you’ll see her on the surface level, but you can tell that there’s a reason she acts the way she does.”

Smith said that as the series goes on, you’ll see more of Monet’s personality unfold. Hopefully, by the end of the show, we’ll understand Monet inside and out.

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