Outer Banks Season 2 Sneak Peek, What We Know So Far


I demand more JJ content.

Listen up, everyone. Like many of you, I didn’t expect it, and I didn’t plan for it, but Outer Banks has quickly cemented itself as the perfect summertime show.

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Its perpetually yellow-tinted frames and beach cabin vibes make me kinda wish I, too, was part of a generations-long feud with the aristocratic scum of the island we co-inhabit.

In the clip, Kiara (Madison Bailey), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) receive a selfie of John B. and Sarah from an unknown number.

After a brief back-and-forth in their group chat, the group realizes that John B. is alive and well when he asks JJ, “Did you pimp my short board?”

But in the trailer released last week (set to Cage the Elephant’s impeccable “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”), things are definitely set to take a turn for the worse before they get better. As John B. cautions, “You can always go lower.”

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Here’s what else we know about Season 2:

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Ward (Charles Esten) has the treasure, and the Pogues are on a mission to reclaim it for themselves.

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As you can recall, like the Scooby Doo-esque villain he is, Ward stole the Pogues’ treasure and sent it on a plane to the Bahamas, which is, coincidentally, where John B. and Sarah find themselves after making it out of the storm. 


Given Ward’s power and influence, John B. is officially a wanted fugitive for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter).


There are some new characters! Cleo (Carlacia Grant) is a “confident and fearless” Nassau girl, and an expert “dodger, whose world collides with the Pogues.” Back on the island, Elizabeth Mitchell will play Limbrey, a “long-time Charleston native” and “compelling woman with a level of toxicity and menace” underneath her facade.

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We know the names of the episodes.


There’s a “micro time jump” at the beginning of Season 2, according to Madelyn.

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This could potentially explain a photo showing Sarah’s family attending a funeral in the first episode of Season 2, like if they had given up on the search and presumed she was dead.


And, finally, showrunner Jonas Pate envisions the series as a long-running show, with four or five seasons.

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“We’ve sort of long-arced it out pretty far,” he told Entertainment Weekly last April. “I’m just hoping that we get a chance to actually tell those stories.”

See you on the other side, Pogues.

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