No, Jackson Palmer, you are wrong about crypto By Cointelegraph


No, Jackson Palmer, you are wrong about crypto

15 years ago, the social media application Twitter was launched. You might have heard of it, it’s pretty big. Initially, the microblogging and social networking service was a friendly place, packed full of helpful articles and adorable videos. In a recent article, aptly titled ‘How Twitter ruined everything,’ the author Douglas Murray wrote, somewhat nostalgically, “It all started out so well.” Jack Dorsey’s brainchild was once, believe it or not, fun. People used the platform to say wacky things, but fun wacky, not QAnon wacky. Oh, how times have changed.

Twitter, in many ways, has gone from being a heavenly place to an utterly hellish one: A once Edenic environment has become a dystopian nightmare. Cat videos have been replaced by catty comments, with more and more people using the platform to unleash tweetstorms — a stream of consciousness in 280 characters or less.

John Mac Ghlionn is a researcher and cultural commentator. His work has been published by the likes of Magazine, The New York Post, The Sydney Morning Herald and National Review.