Here’s What Kim Kardashian’s Creepy Living Room Looks Like


It’s like the rest of her house: A bit scary and a place where you’d be terrified to spill something.

If you somehow didn’t know, Kim Kardashian lives in a house that resembles a completely abandoned museum.

As we’ve said in the past, it’s part “Death Star from Star Wars,” has a dash of “morgue,” and a sprinkle of “sleep paralysis.”

It’s absolutely perfect for a cult.

You probably remember when they let Kenny G out of the basement to play amongst a minefield of single votive roses.

How could you forget her iconic Halloween decorations that just consisted of piles of pumpkins?

Literally, just piles of pumpkins:

Her hallways are most likely hiding the nun from the Conjuring movies:

And you see that thing at the end of the hallway? There’s def a human head in there.

The bathroom gives me major Saw vibesz:

For years now, I thought this scary room was the living room, but now I’ve been proven wrong.

Kim has taken to Instagram to show us her living room, which she says is her favorite room in the house.

Ladies and gentleman, the living room:

As you can see, there is one “portrait” of what appears to be three claw marks left from the spirit that lives at the end of her scary hallway:

The reaction has been expected:

The consensus is that it looks like an isolation room:

Or a “dystopian wellness spa”:

Personally, I’m just surprised by the carpet. I was expecting more concrete (and possibly another human head).

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