Ryan Reynolds Mom Text


In the ad, Ryan jokes about making sure you don’t “Aviation & Mint,” aka drink and text.

Why? Well, because you could do what Ryan’s mother did — that is, send a very sexual message to the wrong person.

Gary Gershoff / WireImage

Yep, recently Ryan’s mom accidentally sent this message to her other son, Ryan’s brother, Terry.

“This is an actual text my mother sent to my brother, after just half a gin and tonic,” Ryan said. “True story. Don’t let this happen to you.”

Can you imagine receiving that text from your mom????

Ryan posted it on Instagram and Terry hilariously commented on it, saying, “It was just a regular day — except for the really long pause after mom sent me that text.”

I mean, yeah, I’d be sitting there like this:

Have you ever received an accidental NSFW or sexual text from your parents? Let me know the story in the comments below!

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