17 Ways That Steven Yeun Is Painfully Attractive

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If you’ve heard of Steven Yeun, then you probably know all about his range as an actor, his incredible talents at articulating deep thoughts, and recent role in Academy Award-nominated movie Minari. But I’m not here to talk about that.


He might be the first Asian American to be nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor, but that’s completely beside the point: Have you ever seen him in a wool sweater?


Never mind, I wish I was this brown sofa.


Steven Yeun is that guy who was popular in high school and who you secretly wished would grow up to be a loser because of how out of your league he was, but then actually turned out to be even dreamier as a full-grown adult.


He has those eyes that make me want to wink at my laptop screen.


Steven Yeun could wear my mother’s 20-year-old TJ Maxx purse and win a million dollar modeling contract.


In the words of @hermit_hwarang, “How come when Steven Yeun shows up to fancy places in a white tee he’s ‘sexy’ and ‘daring’ but when I do it I’m ‘violating the dress code’ and ‘scaring the children’?”


If Steven could be the leading man in my life, his jawline would be the supporting actor.


But look: Steven doesn’t even need a fancy photo or clothes to look like the world’s sexiest man alive. If every teacher looked like this on Zoom, we probably could have cured global illiteracy rates within a year.


I mean, look at that smolder. 😍


I’m getting “hot church worship band leader” vibes and I’m okay with that.


10/10 would watch a K-drama starring Steven Yeun as a tortured artist who’s been pining after a sensitive heiress since they were childhood friends.


Fun fact*: Prescription glass company Warby Parker’s entire line of eyeglass frames was inspired by his face.


Lasso me, Steven. 🙋🏻


I honestly feel like I’m seeing the colors red, blue, green, and camel for the first time.


Psychiatrists be like, “Here is your prescription for your depression.”


Somehow, he manages to make yellow sweaters printed with ambiguous black bat-birds look sexy.


In conclusion, all I want for 2021 is a Covid-19 vaccine and for Steven Yeun to look in my direction.

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