Cold blast on the way for southern states


Another wet day is on the way for Sydney after wild storms battered the city overnight.

Thunderstorms brought up to 30mm of rain to parts of the city including in Little Bay in the east and Belrose in the north.

More rain is forecast today with a high chance of showers and a thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Two tropical lows off the coast of Western Australia are having little impact on the state’s weather with sunny and warm weather forecast in most areas today.

In South Australia, conditions will be mostly cloudy, warm in the southeast. Mostly sunny, very warm in central. Mostly sunny, hot-to-very hot in the west and north.

Isolated showers and warm temperatures are forecast in the Northern Territory’s Top End. Mostly sunny, mild-to-warm in Arnhem. Sunny, warm-to-very warm over the interior and south.

The first cold blast of autumn weather is heading for Victoria and southern New South Wales this weekend, with snow for mountains districts and freezing cold winds and showers elsewhere.

As the east coast moves towards winter, Southern Ocean cold fronts will begin to play a more active role in southern Australia’s weather.

Two cold fronts will cross the southeast of the continent in coming days. The first front will hit Tasmania and clip southern Victoria on Thursday evening into Friday.

synoptic map

Hobart’s maximum temp should dip from a predicted top of 24C on Thursday to just 16C on Friday.

Melbourne will likely see a 10-degree drop, from 28C on Thursday to 18C on Friday.

The second front is expected to be much stronger with Sunday maximum temperatures should struggle their way to 15C in Melbourne, 13C in Hobart and 16C in Canberra.