Rule Mount Olympus With These Godly Slots


    Zeus, Athena and Hermes are all perched, high and mighty on Mount Olympus. It’s about time that someone knocked them off their pedestals and showed them who’s the true ruler of the Slots! By taking advantage of online casino promotions – which could offer you some sought after free slot spins – you could keep spinning those reels, whilst riding a majestic Pegasus, in a bid to win the mightiest of rewards.

    Gods of Olympia

    Transcend to the skies of Mount Olympia in this online casino slot. This mythical six-reel slot is overflowing with free spins and power spins, that will give you the power of Zeus in your plight to win the maximum jackpot.

    In order to conquer this slot, you will need to match the symbols – these include Zeus, Athena, Aries and Poseidon. As Zeus is ruler and almighty god of Olympus, finding his symbol six times across a pay-line will award you the maximum jackpot of 25 times your bet. Since you can start spinning in this ethereal Greek temple with just 0.10 credits, not even the sky’s the limit in this godly slot.

    During random spins, Zeus can grace you with his presence and gift you one of five different modifiers. This can include an additional ten wild multipliers, six mystery symbols and scatters, to give you more opportunities to unleash free spins.

    They say lightning never strikes twice, but in this majestic slot you’ll need to find three or more lightning bolt scatters to enable the free spin play. Once you’ve unlocked the free spins feature, you’ll be given the chance to choose one of four bonuses, which include: Wild Storm Free Spins, Rise of Olympus Free Spins, Almighty Wild Free Spins and Colossal Free Spins.

    War of Gods

    Are you prepared to seize Mount Olympus by force? Get ready for an epic battle in the War of the Gods slot. In this clash of the gods, Zeus and Hades battle to become ruler of the reels. Gather all of the courage and strength that you can muster and ready your cavalry, as this battle has high stakes. Your spinning prowess could even be awarded with a 3,000x base game jackpot.

    The prophecy has spoken and the Slots await, you must be vigilant and keep a look out for the most valuable symbols, which are those of Zeus and Hades. If you secure seven of Zeus’ symbol across a pay-line, you will be rewarded with the 3,000x jackpot.

    Feeling brave? You can unleash the Wrath of Zeus bonus by finding 1×2 Zeus symbols in reels one and five. You will receive a flurry of free re-spins and the reels will display blank symbols, which are Zeus and shield symbols. In this bonus, the more shields that you dare to uncover, the greater the value of the Zeus symbols.

    Want all hell to run loose? You’ll want to trigger the Hades Hellfire bonus by locking in 1×2 Hades symbols on reels one and five. Once again, the reels will contain blank symbols and you will be rewarded by finding shield symbols.

    If you’re the true ruler of the Slots, and find both a 1×2 Zeus and one 1×2 Hades’ symbol on both reels one and five, then you could unlock the Warring Gods bonus stage. This level could allow you to cash in up to four-reel expansions, providing you with up to 60 active pay-lines.