37 WandaVision Easter Eggs From Episode 9


Truly, I weep every time Wanda Maximoff is on screen.


First, Agatha tells Wanda that she takes magic from people who are “undeserving.” This leads back to the Yo-Magic commercial in Episode 6 where I said that the shark could represent someone who is “snacking” on Wanda’s magic.


Wanda levitating a car and throwing it at Agatha is something she’s done before. In Civil War, she threw a bunch of cars at Iron Man.

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Also, just note that the car is red, which is an important color for Wanda and in WandaVision.


Wanda looking under the car and just seeing Agatha’s boots is a direct nod to Dorothy’s house crushing The Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz.


Wanda meeting White Vision is a moment that is directly taken from Avengers West Coast Issue #45. In the comics, Wanda meets White Vision and although he knows her name, she immediately learns that he doesn’t have an “emotional connection” to her anymore.


When White Vision and Vision are fighting, White Vision tries to get the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head just like Thanos did, only this time, Vision phases right through White Vision’s hand.


When Jimmy escapes from his handcuffs he says, “Flourish,” which is exactly what Vision said during the magic show in Episode 2. Clearly, Jimmy also loves WandaVision like Darcy.


Agatha mentions the Darkhold, which of course is the book from her basement we first saw in Episode 7. The Darkhold was created in the Dark Dimension and contains infinite knowledge. Before WandaVision, the book was previously seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I feel like it’s important to point out that in the comics, the Darkhold was used by Chthon, an Elder God, who used Wanda as a pawn when he wanted to invade Earth…so…yeah.

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In the comics, every time Chaos Magic is used it basically weakens the very fabric of reality so Chthon can break through.


Also, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard the term “Sorcerer Supreme” in the MCU. It’s first mentioned in Doctor Strange by Wong when he’s explaining things.

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This is just perfect set up for Wanda to be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and I am freaking out. Also since The Ancient One died in Doctor Strange, Earth is currently without a Sorcerer Supreme.


Of course, we were all out here freaking out about X-Men Pietro showing up in WandaVision and he ended up being Ralph, a Westview citizen Agatha was controlling, and she’s been referring to him as her husband the entire series.


When Billy realizes Wanda’s in trouble, we actually see flashes of moments we actually don’t see until a few minutes later.


The Westview residents tell Wanda that they have her nightmares when they sleep and they feel her grief, which links back to how Monica felt after leaving The Hex for the first time.


Wanda creating a force field to protect Vision, Billy, and Tommy from Agatha’s powers is a direct nod to one of Scarlet Witch’s (many) powers in the comic books.

Disney+ / Marvel

Wanda’s force fields can withstand pretty much anything.


Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy preparing to fight S.W.O.R.D. and Agatha is seemingly a nod to the moment in The Incredibles when the Parrs prepare to fight Syndrome and his robots.

Disney+ / Marvel / Pixar

In Episode 6, The Incredibles was also playing at the movie theater.


When Wanda flies up to meet Agatha before she disappears she does a flick of a her wrist, which is hilariously similar to Agatha’s go-to hand move when she’s performing magic.


When Tommy uses his speed and steals a S.W.O.R.D. agent’s hat and glasses, there’s actually a moment similar to that in X-Men when Pietro does the same thing.

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When Monica uses her body and shields Billy and Tommy from Hayward’s bullets, she becomes intangible and basically absorbs the bullets’s energy. These are all powers she has in the comics.


When Vision restores the memories to White Vision, we catch flashes of basically every Vision moment from the MCU, but most of the flashes actually are just of Vision looking at Wanda.


You can also spot a memory of when Wanda comes out of the building and uses her powers in Age of Ultron after Clint’s pep talk. Vision wasn’t there for that moment in the movie, which probably means Wanda told him about it.


After White Vision awakens with Vision’s memories he says, “I am Vision,” which is a nod to Tony Stark’s iconic “I am Iron Man,” which essentially started the entire MCU journey we’ve been on.


Wanda manipulates Agatha’s mind and her memory, which is what Wanda did to The Avengers in Age of Ultron.


Of course, while in Agatha’s memory, the outline of Wanda’s magic on her head matches her Scarlet Witch costume from the comics.


Before we learn that Wanda has placed runes on The Hex’s walls so Agatha can’t perform magic, you can see her aiming directly at the walls as well as at Agatha.


Wanda thanks Agatha for the “lesson” about runes and this is such a great nod to the fact that in the comic Agatha trains Scarlet Witch and teaches her how to control her Chaos Magic.


The way Wanda got her Scarlet Witch costume for the first time is exactly like Wanda’s vision from Episode 8 when she came in contact with the Mind Stone for the first time.


And, of course, this is the first time Wanda has worn something similar to Scarlet Witch’s costume from the comic books (besides on Halloween). This is a super obvious detail, but I just need to scream about it, thanks.


You can see that Oz the Great and Powerful is playing at the movie theater in Westview. You can spot it a little earlier in the episode too, but this screenshot with Wanda is too good not to use.


The entirety of WandaVision has been Wanda going through the five stages of grief, and this moment right here is Wanda finally hitting the final stage: acceptance.

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Just for reference, the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.


I’ve pointed it out before, but I just love the fact that Billy is wearing red pajamas while Tommy has on green ones, which is a nod to the colors of their superhero costumes in the comics.

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And then, they both have red bed sheets and a green and blue comforter. It’s fine, I’m emotional over bed sheets.


As Wanda’s magic slowly leaves Westview, you can see that the marquee at the movie theater now says “Tannhauser Gate,” which I’m hoping is a nod to Roy’s monologue from when he’s about to die in Blade Runner.

Disney+ / Marvel / Warner Bros.


You can spot a pillow with a hexagon pattern behind Wanda in the living room, which of course is a nod to the shape of The Hex.

Disney+ / Marvel

I’m a nerd for set decorating and this is just me nerding out for y’all.


Wanda explains that this version of Vision is the part of the Mind Stone that lives in her, and this is HUGE for the MCU because even though the Infinity Stones were destroyed, this means part of its power will always be within Wanda.

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Also this speech from Wanda RUINED me. How dare Elizabeth Olsen be this good.


One of the last things from Wanda’s Westview reality to be erased is not only her outfit, but also her wedding ring.

Dinsey+ / Marvel

I just like making myself cry at this point.


In the comics, Wanda has the ability to alter anything into something else and she’s used this ability to change her clothes instantly, which is what we see at the end when she’s suddenly wearing her Scarlet Witch outfit.


In the first post-credit scene a Skrull meets with Wanda and says she was sent by an “old friend of your mother’s” and they need to meet in space. Based on the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits we know that Nick Fury is in space with some Skrulls.

Disney+ / Marvel / Sony

This is setting up Monica’s Captain Marvel 2 journey and I am so excited.


In the second post-credit scene, we see Wanda at a cabin in the mountains. Now, this is gonna be my last wild WandaVision theory, but this could be Wundagore Mountain. In the comics, the mountain is where Chthon wrote the Darkhold.

Disney+ / Marvel

Chthon is later imprisoned within Wundagore Mountain and the night he escapes ready for battle is when Wanda and Pietro are born.


And finally, we see Wanda doing the same astral projection reading technique that Doctor Strange uses in order to read the Darkhold. Also, the last voices we hear are Billy and Tommy’s, so I’m going with Wanda is going to figure out how to bring them back.

Disney+ / Marvel

This is something that happens in the comics and leads to Billy and Tommy becoming part of the Young Avengers.

Well, there you have it! Hope you’ve enjoyed my WandaVision details ramblings. Gonna take a short break and will be back for Falcon and the Winter Soldier on March 19.

Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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