Sacha Baron Cohen Is Really Hot And Here’s Why


If everybody would look back at everything I’ve been saying and preaching and preaching and saying!

Long ago, in like 2006, there were a few of us that openly existed.

We were ultimately silenced.

Bruno Vincent / Getty Images

As the years ticked by, things slowly started to change.

John Rogers / Getty Images

“I kind of see it,” someone would say.

Jeff Snyder / FilmMagic / Getty Images

“I… think I would,” another would whisper.

George Pimentel / WireImage / Getty Images

After a few vodka sodas at happy hour entire groups of people would agree.

Simon Leibowitz / WireImage / Getty Images

But now, we’re here and FINALLY ready to say: Sacha Baron Cohen is, in fact, very hot.

As the great Marguerite Perrin (better known as the God Warrior) once said:

We’re at the exact cultural moment where Sacha Baron Cohen transitions from weird funny guy to hot, weird funny guy.

Twitter: @smelliestinky

This person “dirty secret” revealed.

great i said too much and now one of my irls knows about my dirty secret that i’m a sacha baron cohen stan and i think he’s a hot dilf

Twitter: @ccynder420

To sum it up, not only is Sacha Baron Cohen incredibly talented and capable of both dramatic and comedy roles.

But he is also very handsome.

Axelle / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Funny, smart, and hot? Isla you win.

And lastly, side note: They are one of the best looking couples out there.

Axelle / FilmMagic / Getty Images

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