League announces more widespread schedule changes


The NHL schedule maker continues to earn their paycheck. Today the league announced another two dozen changes to the schedule, moving games around to try and make sure all 31 teams play a 56-game season. The league has not only seen games postponed due to COVID-19 outbreaks but also due to inclement weather.

The following games have been rescheduled:

  • Tampa Bay at Dallas, Feb. 18–>March 2
  • Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, April 13–>March 6
  • Nashville at Dallas, Feb. 15–>March 7
  • Dallas at Columbus, March 15–>March 14
  • Tampa Bay at Dallas, Feb. 20–>March 16
  • Nashville at Dallas, Feb. 16–>March 21
  • Florida at Tampa Bay, March 16–>March 21
  • St. Louis at Colorado, April 20–>April 2
  • Philadelphia at Boston, March 7–>April 5
  • Boston at Philadelphia, April 5–>April 10
  • Dallas at Nashville, April 29–>April 11
  • Philadelphia at Washington, Feb. 9–>April 13
  • Tampa Bay at Nashville, April 12–>April 13
  • NY Islanders at Boston, April 14–>April 15
  • Chicago at Nashville, April 4–>April 19
  • Colorado at St. Louis, Feb. 7–>April 20
  • Philadelphia at NY Rangers, Feb. 14–>April 22
  • Dallas at Tampa Bay, March 1–>April 29
  • Dallas at Tampa Bay, May 4–>May 5
  • Chicago at Carolina, Feb. 20–>May 6
  • Dallas at Tampa Bay, May 10–>May 7
  • Dallas at Chicago, May 6–>May 9
  • Carolina at Nashville, May 7–>May 10
  • Dallas at Chicago, May 8–>May 10

The following game will be rescheduled for a date to be announced later:

  • Tampa Bay at Florida, originally scheduled for May 6