Bretman Rock On The James Charles-Tati Scandal


Ok, so you need to know some basic U.S. History to get this post. I’ll be brief.

In one of the biggest YouTube scandals ever, Tati Westbrook “exposed” James Charles in a now-viral video. Then, James responded, de-bunking some of her claims. THEN (!), Tati replied a while later, saying that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson pressured her to “expose” James. Yeah, it was a lot.

The rules were simple — answer a juicy question or take a sip of wine.

One of the questions was, “Whose side are you on in the James-Tati-Shane-Jeffree saga?” You know, the drama I just referenced above.

And Bretman kinda had a great answer.

Yep, he actually could care less about that drama. And we love him for that.

To watch him talk about his new show Following Bretman Rock on MTV — which is out now — and other things, check out the full video here. Cheers!

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