The best phones to use for online casino gaming


For many modern online casino gamers, the experience takes them much further than their desk and laptop. The modern smartphone and tablet have helped to create a whole new world of gameplay possibilities.

The mobile phone sector has evolved in lockstep with online gambling. Both industries offered basic experiences to users from the mid-1990s onwards, enjoying a steady evolution since then, before exploding in popularity with the introduction of cellular data and wi-fi technology.

We will look at some of the best phones for online casino gaming, dissecting the selection available by battery life, screen quality, and value for money. We’re hopeful that our list will offer something for everybody.

Battery life

Many modern casino games are designed for being played on the go. Hyper casual games like online bingo slots are perfect for playing while you’re on your commute to work, for example, or just while you’re relaxing at home. Bingo slots combine the best of the classic bingo pastime with the modern slots casino experience to create a game that’s fun and easy to play. Although the action is fast-paced, there is little mental investment required to enjoy the experience.

If you’re a fan of these kinds of games then it’s best to pick up a handset that offers good battery life, so that you’re not rushing for a plug socket or wireless charger a couple of times a day. This list from Tech Advisor lists the phones with the best battery life.

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Many modern casino games boast dazzling, colorful graphics that are best enjoyed on a large, sharp display. As phones have gotten more powerful, the games offered by online casino operators have become more elaborate.

These more complex games, including those that utilize live video dealers, are best enjoyed on a high-end device. Of course, several newly-launched devices feature folding displays, which allow you to enjoy a compact phone experience when you need it, but can also fold out to deliver something more immersive. Live games of poker, featuring multiple online players, are well suited to larger display devices. Indeed, many modern devices offer an experience that isn’t too far removed from a tablet or smaller laptop display.

Value for money

Of course, many of us don’t have big budgets available to spend on the latest handset and simply require a device that is capable of running the latest games. A top of the line camera can add a few hundred dollars to the cost, and this is a luxury not required by many users.

HTML5 technology makes it easier than ever for developers to deliver great experiences within a browser window, or through an app, without the requirement for powerful processors or big storage capabilities. While the latest iPhone will set you back a pretty penny, this list by Android Central showcases some of the other smart devices available that offer better bang for your buck. Enjoying your favorite casino games on the go need not set you back financially.

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In the modern marketplace, casino games can be enjoyed at home or on the go, and if you want to make the very most of your experience then an investment in the right smartphone is essential. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for the best possible experience, the perfect smartphone is out there.