Top 5 Applications for Writing Online



    There used to be a time when typewriters were the most advanced piece of machinery that writers could use. Computers have not only made typing easier but also introduced the latest features to make your work more presentable. Following are some of the essential apps you can use in writing online.

    Drafts 4

    It would be unjust if you talk about fictitious and non-fictitious writing tools and forget mentioning the draft-4 app. It is a web-based writing interface that helps you write my perfect essay with minimal errors. It is also distraction-free, which means you can continue writing in a flow for as long as you want. You also need not worry about being distracted with advertisements and other money-making stunts. It has a clean and smooth interface that not only builds your focus but also sets up the mood to produce beautiful pieces. You can stop stressing over getting bored while writing because of the user-friendly interphase. Due to its cool features, drafts-4 stands out among the best writing apps and is used universally both on office level and for academic purposes. One of the coolest features in this application includes the ability to share your document with others. Not only can your friends and colleagues view your article but also introduce changes which will give your article some cookie points.


    Not only android but iPhone users can now avail the writing facilities too by using the pages app. It is a word processor that lets you create stunning writing pieces on almost all the apple products. As an iPhone user, it becomes irritating when you do not have access to the same apps as Android users. Students need cheap and reliable essay writing service responsible for providing all the college essays.  The fact that it comes built-in with most apple devices adds to its importance. This means that you do not have to worry about surfing the search engine and wasting time (that you can spend in writing) to find and download the application. There may be some days when you take sick leave or are on holiday with friends and family, and suddenly your boss demands you to complete some important documents. You may even need to discuss some details with a colleague before submitting the final draft. With real-time collaboration, your team can work from anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, MAC or a personal computer. Such features make pages one of the best apps for writing.

    Microsoft word

    When you talk about creative writing apps, Microsoft is the unobjectionable guru as is a writing guru. The Microsoft Store is an application that is a whole world in its own. It further bottles up a variety of applications, games and digital media. The latest version of Microsoft word has supremely useful features that have been a writer’s best friend since forever. From making lists and tables to adding pictures in perfect quality, Microsoft also makes possible the conversion from a list to the table and vice versa. It is visibly clear that the application has a user-centred approach as you can even create a custom tab to enhance your experience. Microsoft word is one of the best apps for documenting and presenting the information. It is the most feasible app you will come across and is used worldwide by millions of online writing agencies to produce extraordinary writings.



    Now let’s view some of the surprisingly useful features in notes that make it stand out the rest of the applications. To make your writing exciting and fun, you can express your thought by drawing on the notes app. There are varieties of markers and pointers with different colours that you can choose to make your work attractive. This is especially helpful for writing materials for kids who can now engage better due to the lively and colourful writings. The undo and redo option allows time travel and make your mistakes disappear with just one click/ touch. As if handwritten additions or sketches to notes was not enough, you can further attach files to give that extra boost to your online writing. Attached files may include photos and videos according to the requirement. To make the user’s life easy, you can also organize your notes into folders. Long gone are the days when you had to search through the whole storage and fish out the desired notes. Install the notes app and you will witness your life to become a bed of roses.


    The writing app helps you come up with articles that compete on the international level. Not only is it a simple book writing app, but you can complete your assignments and concise orders using this application. Writers from love this app! It is a powerful writing tool that enables you to navigate and organize data at the same time. It saves up the precious time that you can spend on producing remarkable writings. The fact that you can use the writing app on any computer is a cherry on top as you do not have to worry about your mobile operating system. Adding unlimited documents without additional costs and having a 24/7 back-up adds to the benefits.

    Bonus app: Ulysses

    This app is readily available on Apple devices and helps you focus on what you want to say. Apps like Essay Zoo and Ulysses help you organize your projects and give them a finishing touch. It is a distraction-free writing app which means you do not have to worry about losing focus when writing on Ulysses. In the absence of distractions, your chances of productivity are markedly increased. This enables your article to stand out the rest and compete with some of the finest writings. It is also considered as one of the most creative mobile writing apps along with a back-up system to store all your essential documents under one roof. This app further enables you to organize data so that you do not have to waste time to find the desired document. It is convenient and easy and does not require a proper computer set up. You can install the app in your laptop, Ipad, or mobile and start breathing life into your imagination anywhere. You can write using the app on a coffee shop, at your sofa, or a park depending on the setting and mental creativity level.


    After reading the article, you can put a halt to your scavenge for genuine online writing applications. I hope the above article helps you give insight into the significant online writing applications and enable you to choose the best one according to your requirement.

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