What Are The Main Ways That Films Gain Mass Attention in The Modern Age?


Marketing for films is changing. Yes, there is still a heavy focus on creating exciting and intriguing short trailers to whet viewers’ appetites, but it now goes way beyond this. Studios want to permeate different markets as much as possible, widening their demographic by reaching people who may be unaware of current events in the movie industry. One of the main ways that this has been done in recent years has been by licensing online casino games. Another way is to get a greater amount of content in front of people on mobile.

How Has the Casino Industry Helped?

The online casino industry has been one of the biggest boosters to franchises over the last ten years. The sector has grown massively thanks to its ability to attract such a wide range of players. Just looking at Scatters, a new online casino in Canada, it is plain to see that variety has been key to the success of online casinos. There are games based on everything from pirates to vampires.

Aside from all the original themes of games, slot developers often use movies as a way to introduce a distinctive theme. Some of the online slots for real money that are based on films include The Wild Hatter, Jurassic Park, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Bridesmaids. The franchise model works in two ways here. Often, players are attracted to the games because they enjoyed the films. Other times, people play the game first and then find themselves interested enough to watch the movie.

When the online casino industry helps in the marketing of movies, it gets the name of the film into many more places than it may have been before. Most people only see movie trailers when watching other films. Online casino games provide another opportunity to learn about new silver screen titles.

Mobile Apps Can Boost the Audience Figures for Films

The mobile sector has worked for movies in a similar way to the online casino industry. Just as there are companion slots for Hollywood blockbusters now, there are also mobile options that partner with the films well.

One of the biggest success stories of recent years was Jurassic World. It raked in $1.6 billion worldwide, and this was probably, in part, down to the great marketing that was done on mobile. There were numerous games related to the 2015 release, which helped spread the word about it. To spark interest in the movie, Ludia released Jurassic Park Builder in 2012. This was followed by Jurassic World: The Game in 2015. In this offering, players were tasked with creating their own Jurassic theme parks.

Other recent films and franchises that have had accompanying mobile apps have included the Marvel offerings and the rebooted Tomb Raider movies. The Lara Croft Go game from Square Enix was particularly well received.

The online casino industry may have set the standard when it comes to promoting films in other ways. Movies are an ever-present feature of slot games and have also found their way onto mobile in abundance as well.