Who Are The Players To Watch For The 2021 NFL Draft?


As with a lot of American sport, one of the biggest events associated with the NFL is the draft. With it being one of the primary sources of recruitment for all teams involved, it’s integral that each team picks the best players they can and as with every year, there’s going to be some players to watch – here’s some of the most notable ones ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft.

What Does The Draft Mean For The Season?

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Who Is There To Look Out For?

Undoubtedly the biggest star pick associated with the 2021 Draft is Trevor Lawrence, a 6ft 6 in quarterback who, despite his young age, has been compared to legends of the game such as Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Interestingly, Lawrence managed to help lead the Clemson Tigers to 29 straight wins, including a National Championship, before succumbing to LSU in the defence of their title the following season. As early as 2017, he was marked as one of the hottest prospects of a generation.

In addition, there have been other standout prospects such as Justin Fields, who much like Trevor Lawrence has been touted as one of the best new players out there, especially in the college game. Moreover, for the University of Ohio, he’s played pretty much flawlessly, completing 48 out of a possible 55 passes and gaining six touchdowns with no interceptions in wins against former suitors Penn State and Nebraska. To further cement his place as a top prospect, Field also has the highest percentage of yards ran before the ball has been caught in the country which stands at 79%.

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With some of the hottest prospects in a generation, the 2021 NFL Draft is definitely shaping up to be one of the best in several years. Quarterbacks such as both Fields and Lawrence come around once in a blue moon and with such an intriguing collection of other potential draft picks, it might just make for one of the most interesting seasons in a few years.