Alleged ‘Gay’ Video Of ‘Juju On The Beat’ Rapper Zay Hilfigerrr Leaks!! (Graphic)


Rapper Zay Hilfigerrr is responsible for creating one of themes viral hip hop songs in history, Juju On The Beat. The song became a viral dance challenge, and has been streamed billions of times.

But this morning another video is going viral. And many on social media are claiming that the video shows rapper Zay Hilfiggerrr.

was not able to independently verify whether it was Zay in the video, but social media already seems to think it is him. The video is going viral, and Zay is one the top trending topics on social media today.

In the video, a man resembling the rapper engages in what appears to be a homosexual act with a partner.


Zay Hilfigerrr began his career on social media platforms, making videos of raps, dances, and comedic skits. His stage name is an homage to Tommy Hilfiger; “Zay” is a self-applied nickname.

Hilfigerrr was approached by Timothy McCall, a local film producer, whose son, James McCall, is also a rapper. McCall, who took the alias Zayion, worked with Hilfigerrr to create the song “Juju on That Beat”, whose backing track was based on Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck”.

The song went viral after members of the dancing group Fresh the Clowns began uploading videos of themselves dancing to the song on social media. Atlantic Records picked up the song for official distribution late in 2016, and the song eventually reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. By February 2017, the song had been streamed on YouTube over 150 million times, by which time Hilfigerrr was 16 years old.

The song was also nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Music Video. In the version initially released by Hilfigerrr and McCall, the song was only 2:02 in length, one of the shortest songs to hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the past 40 years. However, the Atlantic Records reissue of the song was 2:23 in length