Dwight Howard signs with Philadelphia 76ers after LA Lakers tweet


NBA veteran Dwight Howard has been left red-faced on the opening day of the free agency period after accidentally tweeting that he had re-signed with the Lakers, before deleting the tweet and signing with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Howard was under the impression that he had been offered a one-year deal worth $US3 million from the reigning champions and immediately tweeted announcing that he was going to re-sign.

“I’m staying right where I belong,” he wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

“Laker nation I love y’all. Purple and gold never gets old.”

However, according to a Yahoo Sports report, a formal offer from the Lakers to Howard was never made, with a “deal concept” proposed instead, with the 34-year-old forced to delete his tweet.

It is understood that Howard believed that if he had agreed to the “deal concept” that the deal would be finalised.

The report stated that the Lakers management had told Howard’s agent that they had to run the deal by the team’s owners before making an official offer.

Howard waited for nearly an hour with no response, before eventually singing with the 76ers after being courted by All-Star Joel Embiid and new head of basketball Daryl Morey.

Fans were left in stitches on social media after Howard’s incredible mistake.