Aron Canet Moto2 fall, Portuguese GP


Moto2 rider Aron Canet has made a miraculous escape after falling from his bike and getting stranded on the track in front of oncoming riders.

Canet hit the tarmac at turn eight during Portuguese GP qualifying at Algarve, sliding along the circuit but never reaching safety beyond the track.

Realising his heart-stopping predicament, Canet gradually turned to look behind himself and began a frantic scramble for the circuit’s edge. Only it was too late.

Five bikes raced by a helpless Canet before the 21-year-old Spaniard was able to roll off the track. He could only thank his fellow riders, who would have been somewhat blind to his situation due to a hill crest, for managing to avoid a devastating collision.

Canet ran to his No.44 bike after he reached safety and after work by his mechanics, was able to resume the session. The rookie Aspar rider qualified in 15th place, while Australia’s Remy Gardner claimed pole position.