A List Of Celebrities Voting For Trump


They’re slowly coming out of the woodwork.

You have the “Bawitaba” composer, Kid Rock.

Mr. Scott Baio.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

And one the Baldwin boys, Hailey Bieber’s dad, Stephen Baldwin.

But in the last week or so a few more have come out as riders of the Trump Train.

First off, Golfer Jack Nicklaus came out as a Trump supporter on Wednesday.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

He posted an essay of sorts exclaiming his support.

“I know we are only a few days from Nov. 3 and Election Day, but I am certain many of you have not yet made up your minds. But if we want to continue to have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream, and not evolve into a socialist America and have the government run your life, then I strongly recommend you consider Donald J. Trump for another 4 years.”

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Then there’s retired football player and Kristin Cavallari’s ex-husband, Jay Cutler.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Jay reposted Jack Nicklaus’ essay to his Instagram.

Third, we have Lil Pump.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Lil Pump endorsed him on his Instagram story.

He also posted a photoshopped picture of him and the President:

And lastly we have the 1/2, 50 Cent.

Eugene Gologursky / Getty Images

A week ago, 50 posted this screenshot seemingly showing his support for Trump.

But then his ex Chelsea Handler got mad.

So, apparently he changed his mind?

👀a what, 😳another spin 💫Fu*k Donald Trump, I never liked him. 🤨for all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history. LOL @chelseahandler @jimmyfallon

Chelsea went on The View and said she spoke to 50 and he was voting for Biden all along.

Go figure! Regardless, Trump is having a pretty good endorsement week! I wonder who’s next?


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